Values For Our People

IMCC believes firmly that the firm is empowered by our employees, without our exceptional consultants and industry experts, we could never build what we are today – a reputable and well-established consulting brand in Kuwait and in global advisory market.

IMCC gather a great team of talents

IMCC gather a great team of talents who are self-starters and active thinkers, together we build the firm’s brand name and have the promise to clients kept and delivered. Our people that contribute to the firm’s growth and in return they get great support of career advancement, realization of potential, and more importantly, a sense of belonging.

Our People

IMCC gather a great team of talents


IMCC is organized in a non-hierarchical way and openness is what we value amongst the employees. There is no artificial barrier in promotion, nor is any pressure. We encourage peer-to-peer working environment, and communicative approaches.

Collective Endeavor

we are never content with our current achievement and the knowhow in the industry, we challenge ourselves for improvement. Whats’more, we challenge the current process internally of our clients and never hesitate to speak up. It is difficult and risk intimidating new clients, however, along with the established trust and the built reputation, we firmly believe the benefit of doubts and the courage of challenge.