Company Culture

Our company culture serves as a beacon to provide direction, and to remind us to never forget why and where we started

our Passion

Passion gives all of us, working for IMCC, to look for constant improvement and deliver results with commitment and a great sense of ownership. What’s more, passion gives us more energy and enthusiasm to innovate, to embrace uncertainty and possibilities


“Professionalism” is never a buzz word at IMCC. We break it down and execute professionalism for all its components

Business manner

We set up business rules and principles and we stick to them. We treat our clients as partners and colleagues – while considering “Your challenge is our challenge”, we thereby practice empathy


We are never satisfied with status quo, it is our responsibility to update our knowhow and our solutions, to fit in with the everchanging market and help you outperform


IMCC’s deliverables are implementable and down-to-earth. Strategy and planning are fancy and visionary, but they shall remain forever on paper if not applicable in your business case

Our consultants and experts

Our consultants and experts insist on blending cross-sectional capabilities to give advisory on both insider and outsider perspectives and visiting your organization anytime necessary for first-hand observation


With a team of consultants and experts that aspire to learn, lead, and grow together with our clients, we believe that our distinguished vision and ambition will take us to create extraordinary value for both our firm and our clients

our team member

Every team member in our firm is empowered to speak, express, engage, be heard, recognized, and valued.


As a professional advisory firm, we can not stop emphasizing integrity. Throughout our practice, we put collective and personal reputation and the brand name at stake and live every moment as an important checkpoint

high-quality deliverable in our client engagement

IMCC guarantees a high-quality deliverable in our client engagement, but what is even beyond quality is our promise of code of conduct, and our transparency and the courage to speak up