Social Impact​

IMCC is an Advisory Firm that Will Last And Thrive. In Order o Achieve So, We Never Forget the Social Responsibility and the Impact We Strive to Make.

Our Social Impact​

What we do

We Empower Our Employees to Contribute to the Local Community, And to Give Back Towards What We Benefited From the Local Community.

We Value the Impact that is Created on Both Our Employees and the Clients, and Empowers Us to Operate the Firm Aiming with Greater Recognition from both the Business World and the World at Large.

We Do So By Initiating Voluntary And Charitable Activities

By Initiating Voluntary And Charitable Activities, We Encourage Our Employees to Make Time for Pro-Bono Services. We Understand That it is the  Small Actions That We Perform Are What Matter, yet they are Beneficial to Enhance our Corporate Value And Increase the Positive Social Impact in the Long Run.

We promote sustainability

IMCC values sustainability in both our clients’ business and the environment.


“Professionalism” is never a buzz word at IMCC. We break it down and incorporate Professionalism in all our Work Components

client engagement

When it comes to client engagement, Prompt Service to Clients, and ensuring their Business Continuity and Prosperity are two of our top priorities. IMCC ensure that the deliverable we timely hand in to our clients will help to sustain their business in a meaningful way.

What’s more

What’s more, we are committed to engage in sustainability and to align our service offerings to the sustainable development goals promoted by the United Nations.

global collaboration

We forge global collaborations and inclusiveness: we enhance collaboration with like-minded organizations and opinion leaders. It is part of IMCC’s DNA that we source the best practices and best knowhow globally for our clients. We leverage the extensive network of our firm and our outreach capacity to leverage global intelligence and data resources.

IMCC appreciates talent from different background

IMCC appreciates talent from different backgrounds viz. religion, culture, region, age, gender, etc. Diversity and inclusiveness are part of our company culture, and we practice what we preach. By working together with people of different backgrounds, we form an ambiance that is supporting and understanding, which benefits the firm and improves the quality of deliverables to the our clients enormously.